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My Story

Though I have many passions—Art, singing, photography, fitness and nutrition—I am a family oriented and nutrition-focused woman who, with compassion and a true desire to help others, has turned my nutrition passion into my profession.
A mother of two children, I understand the challenges of balancing work, family life, nutrition and exercise.  While I enjoy many aspects of nutrition and fitness, whether it’s teaching youth or adult cycling classes or presenting at nutrition seminars for youth athletes, I know that good nutrition is vital to daily function and wellness.
After my own search for answers on how to recover from extreme overtraining, I found that nutrition plays a key role in recovering from injury and maintaining overall health. My experiences have instilled a deep passion for helping others gain knowledge and tools to help them properly nourish their bodies.

Precision Nutrition levels 1 and 2 certified since 2014, I’ve been successfully coaching clients, helping them to find a healthy nutritional balance in their lives.

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