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About Precision Nutrition L2 Certification


Curious about Precision Nutrition?

Here's a little more about L2 (and L1) certification:

FAQ About Precision Nutrition L2 Certification

Q: So what’s the program all about?

A: The Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Master Class gives health and fitness pros exclusive training, mentorship, and practice under the guidance of the Precision Nutrition team. By working closely with Precision Nutrition’s Master Coaches, Level 2 students become elite nutrition coaches themselves, able to stand out from the pack and deliver unparalleled results to each and every client.


In addition, Master Class students can also access ProCoach, our nutrition coaching software that’s exclusively available to Precision Nutrition Certified pros, allowing them to use our proven methods with their own clients.


Q: Can you tell me a little more about the program?

A: At its basic level, the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Master Class is a hands-on, practice-based, mentored program that covers both the art and the science of nutrition coaching at the elite level. It synthesizes everything we’ve learned over the past 15 years of coaching and research in the nutrition field.


That means:

  • We’ve reviewed thousands of academic and clinical studies.

  • We’ve worked with (and learned from) close to 50,000 clients.

  • We’ve trained and mentored thousands of students.

  • And we’ve collaborated with experts in a variety of fields from psychology to business strategy.


From there, we turned all this education and experience into the comprehensive year-long Level 2 Master Class curriculum.


Q: Why offer a certification like this?

A: Health, fitness, and nutrition are growing rapidly; many people are looking here for interesting career options. Unfortunately, most fitness, health, strength and rehab professionals feel they’re missing one or more of the following in their practice:

  • A broad base of nutrition knowledge that reflects the most up-to-date research and practice in the field.

  • A broad base of applied psychology knowledge that helps them understand client motivation and behavior (yes, even the “illogical” stuff!).

  • An ability to deliver and communicate all that great nutrition and psychology knowledge to actually improve client’s lives.

  • An understanding of specific populations (such as athletes) or life stages (such as youth / aging or pregnancy) and how to tailor programs precisely for their needs.

  • The confidence and clarity that comes from having practiced foundational skills consistently, under the direction of qualified and caring mentors.

  • An understanding of how to position their coaching business within a competitive market, and how to run it effectively.


The Level 2 Master Class covers each of these, giving graduates new knowledge, skills, and confidence. Which is why we developed the program. It’s for those coaches (or coaches-in-training) who want next-level professional development.


Q: How is the Level 2 Certification different from Level 1?

A: While the Level 1 Certification gives you a broad base of nutrition and coaching knowledge, Level 2 helps you refine this knowledge, tailor it to your needs, put it into practice, and apply it every day.


There are a few major differences between Level 1 and Level 2.


Level 2 is an intensive, highly structured, year-long program.

While Level 1 is a self-paced program, Level 2 is a highly structured, year-long program with daily lessons and regular assignments…You’re thinking, reflecting, researching, practicing, and/or interacting every single day. We push you to grow and develop, and challenge all your coaching skills…


Level 2 is practice-based and hands-on. Level 1 is more like a university course, with textbook, course materials, and exams. Level 2 is more like a graduate-level practicum or apprenticeship with mentoring.


Every day we ask you to practice a Level 2 coaching skill and figure out how to apply what you’re learning in real life. You also work through real client scenarios, step by step. This is real-world problem solving and consists of on-the-ground client challenges.


Level 2 goes deeper into the art and science of coaching.

It’s not just a big pile of nutrition science (though we give you plenty of that too). Fundamentally, Level 2 teaches you how to coach nutrition.


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