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This is NOT a diet.

12-Month Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program

Powered by Precision Nutrition’s™ ProCoach


This is research-driven, personalized, habit-based coaching that teaches you how to build a healthy relationship with yourself. When it comes to improving health, or body composition, it doesn’t matter what you know or what you say, unless you "do"... and "do" consistently.
People aren't usually missing the information they need to make good choices. They’re missing the skills and behavior patterns. Without the behavioral help, success will be limited and possibly short-term. Specific skills need to be practiced over and over within a structured program, with built-in accountability and coaching support. ProCoach is THAT program! It will challenge you every day, helping you to focus on the little things that will get you BIG results.
What It Is...


A 12-month online coaching program with a focus on:

  • Building nutritional and lifestyle habits one step at a time

  • Successful goal-setting

  • Mindfulness & Self-knowledge

  • Whole body transformation

  • Individualized nutritional guidance

  • Sustainability over the long-term


You will be sent daily accountability, lessons, workshops, assessments, and expert coaching, powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach system. You will spend 15 minutes a day on YOU, which will allow you to develop the skills and compassion that will help you become your best YOU! The ProCoach program is delivered straight to your email inbox each day along with a link to access the day's program.

You will receive:

  • New habits/practices every 2 weeks

  • Daily lessons to support your new lifestyle habits

  • Weekly reviews to help you stay on target

  • Monthly expert workshops

  • Regular progress checks, assessments and surveys. Measure and record your progress via body composition metrics or other performance indicators such as energy levels, adherence to an exercise program or sleep quality

  • Expert coaching from a PN certified coach to provide feedback, and support every step of the way

  • Private Facebook group to offer a supportive and collaborative format for you to share ideas, questions, support, recipes, etc, with others in the ProCoach program.

ProCoach Works!



It will help you to eat smarter, exercise, manage stress, sleep and recover better, take better care of yourself, and have more vitality in your life!


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