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Election over...Is your stress eating over?

Did the election leave you feeling a little anxious, or maybe even excited about the prospect of a new leader? Quite normal responses, really. Did any of us deal with those emotions and decide that we needed a little "comfort food"? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Did you experience one of those "I need to consume THE ENTIRE PACKAGE OF COOKIES to soothe my soul" situations, or maybe just mindless crunching on chips or crackers, or hey, better yet, what about the quite satisfying crunch of carrot sticks and celery? (No? Not salty enough? But it's good and solid stress-release crunching... :) Have these eating patterns left you feeling a little bit...say, guilty, or even a bit physically ill?

Well, then. Perhaps it's time to figure out why we sometimes do what we do when we know what we know. This is interesting stuff. Check this out...

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