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A Gift to Yourself...

There are many different types of GIFTS. Each comes with a unique value. What comes to mind first are usually material gifts--a new phone, new workout clothes or gear, that "IT" pair of shoes or jeans, the top-seller book you've been wanting to read, sparkly jewelry, the latest and greatest golf clubs, a fast new sports car... All gifts with a monetary value.

There are gifts of SERVICE--feeding the homeless at the soup kitchen, shoveling the neighbor's walkway, taking a meal to a friend who just had surgery, volunteering at the senior center... Or you might be blessed with OTHER gifts--the gift of being a good friend, the gift of empathy, the ability to see the best in everyone and everything, or even the gift of gab--the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything (could be both a blessing and a curse depending on which end of the conversation you land!) You might have the gift of patience (which could come in handy if you are talking to one with the gift of gab... Just sayin' :) ...All gifts with rewards that go far beyond any monetary value.

But if you had all your material wants and needs taken care of, knew your friends and family needed nothing, and you had ONE GIFT TO GIVE YOURSELF, what would it be? What is IMPORTANT to YOU? Your answer will be unique to you. But give this a thought... The human population is living longer in today's world. If you knew there was a simple way to be your healthiest self with a healthy body and healthy mind, resulting in the ability to enjoy quality experiences with your significant other, family, friends, grandkids, etc., throughout your life, wouldn't THAT be a great GIFT to give YOURSELF?

The GIFT of KNOWING how to eat healthier, of treating your body in a way that you get optimal performance, health, and longevity, now THAT is an AMAZING gift! This gift creates the ability to enjoy all that life offers, allowing you to feel great! Energetic! You could conquer the world! Energy to travel and see the world! Or just enjoy those cute kids or grandkids without worrying if your body will let you...Is this a gift that you would place a HIGH VALUE? It's a gift that no matter where you are in your life, there is always success if you have the DESIRE. It's in the LITTLE changes. They make the BIGGEST difference.

This is my passion, helping others learn how to become healthier, so they can enjoy all the moments ahead. An invaluable GIFT to YOURSELF. Which in turn is a GIFT to OTHERS.

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