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Diet "break down" over the holidays? It can be "fixed"...

Maybe you ate too much. Maybe you ate some pretty yummy and less than healthy things. Like the creamy alfredo, or the buttery garlic mashed potatoes. Or even my mom's German Spritz cookies, or her to-die-for Christmas bread. Or maybe you ate mostly healthy but went overboard on the desserts. Sound familiar?

BUT...Do you beat yourself up over it? Nah, that just creates unproductive negativity and who needs that?? No use wallowing in guilt. Leave yesterday in the past.

So what do you do? The important thing to do is THIS: Realize that you enjoyed the holidays, spent time with family and friends, and created new memories to cherish. Could you have done better with your eating? Probably. But TODAY is a new day, a place to start fresh and focus only on the positive. Any choice we make that is healthier than previously done is SUCCESS. Remember that!

But what can you do to improve? What if you feel you have a "Broken Diet?" Precision Nutrition created this INFOGRAPHIC just for you. Check it out. There is a way to get back on track... (Oh, and I enjoyed the spritz cookies immensely. Every bite. There are many amazing holiday memories attached to the making of those... GREAT TIMES!)

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