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Too busy to stay in shape? Not anymore!

You have good intentions. You eat pretty healthy, stay in shape and exercise regularly, but sometimes you get derailed-- you are either on an airplane headed away on business or vacation, you've just had (another) holiday, or you are running around 24/7 between work/family/school/other, wishing for just one extra hour in the day to get it all done AND workout! And then you just fall off the wagon. Sound familiar?

Here is what Craig Weller at Precision Nutrition has written up to help you stay in shape, along with a fabulous infographic which explains it so well...

"It’s a seesaw that plays out physiologically too. Exercise regularly and you get a training effect — adaptations in the brain, circulatory system, respiratory system, metabolism, muscles, and bones that optimize health and function. Stop exercising and your body starts adapting to that — doing nothing — so you start to lose all these benefits you worked so hard for.

Here's a simple, do-anywhere workout. It takes only a few minutes a day, it requires minimal or no equipment, and it focuses on compound exercise (big muscles, big movements) so it’s certain to be effective.

It’s also adaptable: You can shuffle exercises around or skip a few of them, come up with different ways to add resistance, or modify the total number of reps and rounds according to how much time you have and your preferences.

The important thing is to get some full-body movement each day.

In the end, use this plan when you just can’t make your regular workout happen. It’ll help you maintain muscle, keep your metabolism humming, stave off fat gain, and more."

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